Quality Primary Care
for Infants, Children, and Young People

Are you looking for an experienced pediatrician who could provide proper medical care to your child? Reach out to Kid Friendly Pediatrics PA in Garland, TX. We offer medical services to help you keep your child healthy. Some of the our services include:

  • Wellness Visits
  • Sports Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Flu Shots
  • Dental Screening
  • Continuing Care

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Before paying a visit to our clinic, we highly recommend that you call us to schedule an appointment. This way, we could check the availability of our doctors and ensure that your child will be given the best medical treatment possible.


Who We Are


We are committed to keeping your child healthy. Our medical services are tailored to prevent, identify, and treat illnesses. Great majority of illnesses can be treated in this office, however in complex cases we do work together with specialists to get the best outcomes for your child. This concept is called Medical Home. Dr. Stewart understands how environment we live in influences our health. That is why we take the time to analyze the needs and situation of our patients and families.

Additionally, whenever you set up an appointment with us, we would strive to match your schedule with the doctor who met up with your child during your last visit. This way, they would feel more comfortable, and they would be diagnosed by a pediatrician who knows their medical background.

About Our Employees

Our physician is board-certified in pediatrics. She has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to provide the right treatment for your child. Aside from our talented doctor, the rest of our staff members are experts in their own fields. We assure you that we could give your child the best medical care possible and exceptional customer service.

What We Do

We always put our patients first. During consultations, we take the time to listen to your child's needs and carefully assess and examine your child’s health condition. Based on the assessment recommendations and plans are made with parental input how to best achieve desirable outcomes. One of the most important value I provide is to notice things perhaps not identified by families. This is called screening which happens during every visit and usually is unnoticed by families. Doctors examine the moment they see the patient. this is enhanced by staff awareness to identify more serious conditions and bring them to the attention of physician.


How Kid Friendly Pediatrics PA Started


It has been our founder’s lifelong dream to establish her own pediatric facility. To pursue her goal, she spent a few years working for various clinics after she had completed her pediatric residency program in 1997. Once she had gained enough knowledge and experience, she started to look for a good location for her practice. She then prepared the space, overcame obstacles, and finally opened her own office in May 2003.

From the founder dr. Ewa Stewart

Dear families, it has been my lifelong dream to have freedom to practice pediatrics according to my knowledge and good moral and ethical standards where my primary motto always is "do no harm". To purpose my goal and after several years of getting experience working for various clinics, learning analyzing and planning, Kid Friendly Pediatrics idea was born. Starting with limited resources in January 2003 I found the space I could afford, built it according to my vision and available resources. The office finally opened May 2003. The process was difficult with many obstacles on the way, however rewarding. Today, I feel privileged and very lucky to have gained trust of so many families. I thank you all for this honor.


Dr. Stewart is awesome and we love her.

Love Dr. Stewart and staff

Dr. Stewart is a great pediatrician & her staff is always nice and friendly. My oldest is 10 years old & she has been his doctor since day one. My daughter is almost 3 & she's also amazing with my daughter. Overall Dr. Stewart is just great Big Thumbs up to her and her staff.


Very professional and very satisfied with their care!


I have been coming to Kid Friendly Pediatrics and Dr. Stewart since my 3 kids were babies, over a decade now. Dr. Stewart cares about my kids, their health and take the time to discuss any and all concerns I might have. Dr. Stewart and the staff are warm, kind, friendly and I always feel welcome. I would never go anywhere else!